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tozoku_kitsune's Journal

19 December 1985
you ppl know what tozoku means, right? no, its not my name. it means theif in Japanese. nifty, though because thats what i am. and a notorious one at that.in Makai, that is.

i tend to be a smartass, but im really just a loving person. but that doesnt mean i dont like healthy competition and bouts. i have demon blood in me((totally viking-style! *wink*)), the kind that yearns for bloodshed. but i have a kind nature so its hard to balance them. sparring is one of my favorite hobbies, though lately i have been slacking because have no one to spar with. hmph.

i have a bit of a multiple personality disorder.i have different personality traits that i classify with different colors. but i wont tell you what they are because thats none of your business.

i am terribly nostalgic, and i tend to live in the past. but with good reason. a few months ago i was stripped of everything i held dear to me. and i wasnt the only one. Cruentus and kuroneko had to leave, too. they left before i did.our greatest wish is to be reunited with each other again. i have a puppy waiting for me, and falling in love. kaname needs me still. i hope.

My name is Ryoko.